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Our comprehensive, data-driven service empowers you to streamline and organize your work and that of your staff, significantly enhancing efficiency. For the first time, thanks to advanced statistical data and their automatic processing, you have the opportunity to thoroughly analyze teams and players, gaining a decisive competitive edge. Take control and maximize your productivity!

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The All-in-One Platform

Management System & App

Enhance productivity with our user-friendly management system, optimizing staff workflow and ensuring athletes don't miss a beat through seamless connectivity via the App.


Automatically updated performance indices and advanced statistics. Identify strengths and weaknesses of your opponents by comparing profiles of teams and players.


Prepare for your matches effectively by sharing videos, reports, and files of all kinds without limits. Communicate with staff and athletes from a single platform through shared or private rooms.


Create diagrams tailored to training sessions or playbooks to prepare for matches. Add tags to games, diagrams, and playbooks for easier searching and accessing of created and archived content.




Practice Sessions

Performance Indicators




Why Choose TeamKeys Platform


With its intuitive design, our platform provides a single environment for accessing basic and advanced statistics, videos, reports, and calendars.

Data Driven

Thanks to our innovative algorithm, we transform box score statistical data into clear and understandable advanced statistics for both coaching staff and athletes.

Supporto Live

Receive personalized assistance during activation and for any updates. Access live technical support.
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Trust those who already
TeamKeys Platform

Here's what Alessandro Magro says:

"Starting this season, we've adopted TeamKeys as a valuable tool to support our scouting activities for both the staff and the team. The app enables us to consolidate multiple tasks that were previously handled through different tools. This includes sending reports and videos to players during match preparation, as well as facilitating daily and weekly scheduling communications."

Simone Fontecchio - Utah Jazz

"At these levels, it's incredibly important to have the convenience of such a tool always at hand. It reduces learning time and streamlines the workflow with personal data."

Giorgia Sottana - Famila Basket Schio

"TeamKeys is a tool that allows you to pay attention to every detail. At that point, you can't settle anymore, and most importantly, you can't make excuses."

Others Say About Us:

James Bamfield

"We utilized TeamKeys throughout the 2020/2021 season. It simplified and enhanced the distribution of team information. The ability to upload video files significantly streamlined our processes. I would highly recommend their software to any professional or high-level staff."

Davide Villa

"We've been utilizing TeamKeys for a few weeks now, and we're gradually uncovering its full potential. It's enabled us to eliminate paperwork entirely and consolidate all training and match information within one app, eliminating message or chat dispersion."

Alex Finelli

"With TeamKeys, a new avenue of interaction and communication with players has emerged. We've been utilizing TeamKeys for a couple of months now, ditching paperwork and gaining the ability to share much more material from opposing teams with our players than was previously possible."

Piero Bucchi

"TeamKeys is an incredibly useful and practical app that greatly aids in communication between staff and our players."


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