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TeamKeys presents itself as an extraordinary facilitator, capable of exploiting the power of information to simplify the analysis of advanced statistics. Making data intuitive allows you to save time and consult the characteristics of teams and players effectively like never before.

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TeamKeys Philosophy

Making advanced statistics

The TeamKeys philosophy, also thanks to its Performance Indexes, focuses on the immediate understanding of advanced statistics to make them accessible to all types of users.

General Numbers

Access to all the advanced statistics of each player in the 34 championships analyzed and inserted into the database


Possibility of identifying profiles with the same technical characteristics simply starting from the statistical data of interest.


Opportunity to compare two players to understand their differences and strengths.


simplify your searches by selecting the statistical item that interests you most

Comparative championships

thanks to our algorithm, it is possible to compare players from different leagues of different values.

Favorites and Notes

save your notes directly within the product without wasting time or losing informations

TeamKeys App

Innovation is at your service. Enhance your knowledge of players and teams through advanced statistics. Discover badges, check rankings, and relive the best actions through highlights.

TeamKeys Platform

Organize your team activity through one work tool.


Access to all the informations of your team and your championship.


All the informations will be visible both on the management system and on the app allowing you to consult it always on any device.


Easily and effectively consult advanced statistics of teams and players, and compare their performance indices.


Send messages, share files and reports with athletes and staff members. Create custom rooms.


Draw your own and opposing plays without having to use an external product saving time and making it easier to share with staff and players.

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